Hey it’s OPrey here. Father, Husband and Account Executive in the tech-no-industry. I have been a fan of gaming since the Atari, I pre-date the internet and was first introduced to online games with the exciting, graphic intensive, text based country management browser game Earth 2025. (bonus points if you played it). Seriously this was pretty MMO before MMO was a thing. If you are familiar with that game I was around during the TIL/AntiTIL wars and was the leader of a medium sized alliance called SHOCK. Earth 2025 is long gone however Earth Empires is still something available today with many of the original cast and characters.

My first FPS was Rainbow 6, the OG Rainbow and quickly switched to Counter Strike 1.4. Counter Strike is my longtime love and I have poured more hours into that game then doctors do for their PHD’s.

Streaming for me is a hobby, I enjoy playing FPS’s, Strategy, Indy and Action games and play practically everything. I enjoy meeting new people online who share the same passion and I am currently a member of the Over30Clan. https://Over30Clan.com